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The GETHAIR app guides hairdressing apprentices through all the important training content in a fun way. Strong together for a successful future in the hairdressing industry.


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Download now for free.

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Trainee App

👉 Learn everything about your dream job.

👉 Write your own success story and keep an eye on your progress.

👉 Learn at your own pace and try things out: Mistakes are allowed, because
you learn.

👉 Get professional help whenever you need it.

👉 Learn and practise whenever you want and get better every day.

👉 Have fun while learning through play!

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Coach App

👉 Save training costs

👉 Keep track of your apprentices’ learning success

👉 Evaluate the performance of your trainees and give personal feedback

👉 Provide your apprentices with the best possible preparation for their daily work in the salon

👉 Accompany your trainees flexibly and easily

👉 Be happy with your trainees about their training progress

Download now for free:

Time and cost savings

GETHAIR enables stress-free teaching for the trainers and learning for the trainees - even during day-to-day business. It combines training sessions during operating hours with online learning activities that can be customized and are independent of time and space. In this way, the app helps to optimize the training phase. It gives apprentices quicker access to practical work in the salon.

Motivation and learning success

The GETHAIR app is specifically tailored to the wishes and habits of young people. With a modern and intuitive user interface, points, star ratings, high scores, virtual awards and ranking lists, learning becomes a game and practice becomes a challenge. Through a playful approach to the various specialist topics, apprentices quickly achieve learning success and a high level of professional competence.

Learning methods

Guided training plans enable apprentices to learn independently. GETHAIR was developed on the basis of current learning methods and the latest findings on digital knowledge transfer. The digitally provided content is embedded in the training concepts of schools and companies according to the concept of e-learning 4.0 in such a way that it supports learners in the best possible way.


The GETHAIR team and founder & CEO Andreas Innfeld will be happy to answer all your questions.

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