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NEW start Date - 07.02.2022

EUR 250,- per person excl. VAT
Seminar price for members

Seminar price for non-members EUR 450,- per person excl. VAT. VAT


The brand new Intercoiffure – Colourstar Online Seminar with international coaching of the top ICD colour experts starts on 07.02.2022. You learn the 10 Colourstar colour techniques for all modern hairstyles. You will work out the single technique guided by a worldwide unique didactic system via your smartphone. You will receive a feedback on each technique from your personal coach via the GETHAIR APP. All of this in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese.


The Start

To get started, you will meet the Globe Educator Joakim Roos and Gunilla Bergfeldt during the Start-Up recorded video. They will explain to you the important basics of the Colourstar dyeing techniques and the details of the seminar in English or Swedish language.


The seminar lasts 6 weeks. You will work out 4 - 4 - 2 colour techniques with detailed instructions in a 14-day rhythm. Your coach will give you a written feedback on each of your results. The technique video trainings are available in English, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese and German. After your 6 weeks seminar, you have 4 more free weeks access to the app. To continue your training and inspiration in the app.

160 Minutes start up and recap

The start-up introductions and 3 follow-up recap videos will help you to improve your techniques. There you will find out all the details about the respective techniques. The results that have already been worked out will be discussed in the videos.

10 Colourstar Colour Techniques

Every 14 days the new colour techniques will be unlocked for you. So you keep the overview and you have enough time to work on them in peace.

Need Help?

If you need help, you can post your questions in your language in the internal ColourStar Facebook group and get the answers promptly.

International Certificate

If you have worked through all 10 techniques, you will receive your personal ColourStar certificate at the end of the seminar.

We have great NEWS for you

The GETHAIR APP and all the COLOURSTAR TRAININGS are now in 5 languages. So we offer this seminar in: ENGLISH, GERMAN, SWEDISH, SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE.


The Coaches

During the entire duration of the seminar you will be directly connected to a coach in your language. Choose your language when registering and you will receive all information about your coach in a timely manner.

Joakim Roos

Winner of Globe Educator Award & Creator of ColourStar Seminar, worldwide trainer

Gunilla Bergfeldt

Creator of ColourStar Seminar, Worldacademy Trainer, FG Mondial Fashionteam

Andreas Innfeld

Winner of Best Online Academy Award, President of Intercoiffure Austria, Founder GETHAIR & video2hair

Aurelio Caizza

Worldacademy Trainer Switzerland

Jesus Romero

Worldacademy Trainer & FG Mondial Fashion Team

Peter F. Pfister

Chairman of Intercoiffure Worldacademy, Winner of Globe Educator Award, Intercoiffure member since 1985.

Hannes Steinmetz

Fashion Director Intercoiffure Austria, International experiences for international exchange.

Edgar Krug

Intercoiffure since 1992, my purpose is to create extraordinary hair colors and love to share my knowledge.

Emiliano Tulimiero

Member ICD Italy since 1995 Maitre D’ Art Rome Intercoiffure Trainer since 2018

Vincent Moutault

Worldacademy Trainer, France & International Davines Amabassador.

Tobias Essig

Redken Artist, Blond Spezialist und Intercoiffure Creature Member

Tun De Oliviera

Tun Fashion Director Icd Luxembourg, owner of byTun. I Love Color, I love Haircolor.

Feedback from our participants

The education allowed me to escape in my Art. I love the simplicity of the cuts and color techniques that can be used on both conservative to fashion guest. You gave us the guidelines that we can explore from. Thank you for keeping us connected to our passion during these unprecedented times.

This training expands the professional horizon. Creates creative impulses that can be implemented immediately and easily in everyday life in the salon with customers. In this way, you playfully create a new perception of your clients as colour experts. And the best thing is that the individual training sections can be integrated flexibly into the daily salon routine over the course of the planned 6 weeks.

Superb , I don’t think in australia we think about hair in the same way as the Europeans all content was new to me.

The app and the graphic and videos was so logic and easy to understand. It was very easy to follow and I liked that you always can go back and watch it over and over again.

The Colourstar online seminar has a well thought-out and structured seminar concept that still has surprises in store even for “old hands”. It helps to think outside the box and to break out of one’s daily work and to wake up the creative brain cells. Above all, the challenges at the end of each lesson and the fact that you are not bound to a company awaken your own ingenuity.

Very flexible timing, step by step super explained awaken your own ingenuity.

Education top of the top , step b step so good and very easy for learn and for the application , lot of technique benefits for the daily journey in the salon.

It’s great to learn new techniques and play with colours! You get motivated and your creativity increases! It’s a lot of fun and the customers are happy!

It’s a great experience and the best thing is that you can really take your time to go through each technique. You can watch the video over and over again until you are really sure how it works, which is not usually the case with other seminars.

Developing creativity that can be implemented in everyday salon life. This way, the appreciation of our work is more appreciated.

You need:

  1. 3 mannequin heads (30-35cm hair length blond to light brown hair)
  2. Your smartphone and the GETHAIR App.
  3. Colouring products of your choice. You can change the colour suggestions individually!


  • Installation of the “GETHAIR APP“ (details will follow after the registration)
  • 07.02.2022 Start-up video instraction and explain the seminar workflow
  • Development of the techniques 1-4 in 14 days – free time allocation of the participants
  • 21.02.2022 Recap technique 1-4  for control and introduction to the techniques 5-8. Activation of the techniques on the GETHAIR APP
  • 07.03.2022 Recap technique 5-8  for control and introduction to the techniques 8-10. Activation of the techniques on the GETHAIR APP
  • 21.03.2022 Recap technique 8-10

The COLOURSTAR seminar programme is available on the GETHAIR APP until 18.04.2022.

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Seminar price for Intercoiffure members

€ 250,-

per person – excl.  VAT

Seminar price for non-Intercoiffure members EUR 450,- per person excl. VAT